Freelance & Graphic Design School

Everything you need for a self-made career in design!

Quote Poster

Design a creative typographic quote poster.

Draw Someone Else’s Logo

Find a logo design that inspires you, and recreate it using a pencil and paper.

Typographic Formstorming – Letter T

Generate 100 different versions of the letter ‘T’.

Wine Label Design

Design a series of wine labels.

Book Cover Design

Design a cover for your favourite book.

How do I choose the best font for a logo?

A logo needs to be clearly readable at small sizes, so avoid fonts which are…

What is ‘Visual Tension’?

Visual tension is created by arranging graphical elements, and manipulating their relationship to one another,…

What is it like working as a professional graphic designer? Part I

What it’s like working as a fresh-faced junior designer for a small brand agency.