Draw Someone Else’s Logo

Mini Design Challenge

No, we’re not stealing logos! 🙂 We’re learning more about logo craft. Find a logo design that inspires you, and recreate it using a pencil and paper. You can also use geometric drawing tools such as protractors, compasses, rulers, etc. The idea is to deconstruct an existing logo design to understand the basics of how it was put together, and gain a deeper understanding of proportions and shape elements.

Where to start...

You may think of an existing brand that you know and love, or you can look through Behance and Dribble to find a logo design which you like. Print it out, or have it on screen while you work for easy reference. If you aren’t sure where exactly to begin, try tracing the logo directly.

Keep in mind...

Many modern logos will have been created using digital software. You may not be able to create an exact copy. That’s perfectly okay! This exercise is to interpret shape, proportion, and learn how logo forms are constructed.


You may want to present your sketch in your folio or personal website as a visual exercise. If you do so, be sure to acknowledge the original logo source/owner! You can share photographs of you work, or scan your sketches and present them using a mockup template (example included in the Resources section).

When you're done, be sure to join and share your work with the Freelance & Design School community!