Typographic Formstorming – Letter T

Mini Design Challenge

This exercise is inspired by the Formstorming technique described in Graphic Design: The New Basics by Ellen Lupton. This is an iterative exercise where you will create or find 100 different versions of the letter ‘T’ (uppercase, lowercase, or a combination!).

The purpose of this exercise is to exhaust all the obvious solutions, which lays the ground for creative thinking. Running out of ideas can often be just the thing you need to see new possibilities!

Where to start...

Start with paper and pen or pencil, and begin sketching the letter T. You may also use your camera to photograph objects that you find which represent or resemble the letter T.

Keep in mind...

Be creative! Think of unusual materials to use, and look for new shapes in ordinary objects. Think about scale; perhaps you can find what you’re looking for in something very large or very small. Think about composition; perhaps looking at an object from a different perspective will reveal hidden shapes. Think about positive and negative shapes!


You may want to share your work as a creative visual piece in your portfolio, or simply keep records for yourself. Take photographs or scans of your best sketches. Arrange your most interesting sketches and photos into a grid, or select one or two for presentation on their own.

You can also use presentation mockups, such as the one linked in the resources section, or devise your own creative presentation.

When you're done, be sure to join and share your work with the Freelance & Design School community!