Book Cover Design

Mini Design Challenge

Taking inspiration from the 2018 Penguin design awards, this design challenge is to create a book cover for your favourite book!

It can be fiction or non-fiction.

Where to start...

It’s best to choose a book that you know well, as the best designed book covers are deep interpretations of book themes and concepts.

Keep in mind...

Cover dimensions! Have a look at standard (or even non-standard, depending on how creative you want to get!) book dimensions for reference. Will your cover be used for print, or purely digital? Are you designing for a novella, or a coffee table book? Is it a thick book, requiring a larger spine surface?


For folio pieces, it’s always a good idea to present your artwork as realistically as possible. For a small book cover, you may want to actually print your cover and wrap it around the outside of your chosen book and take photographs. (In which case, be sure to accurately measure your book cover and spine dimensions!)

Otherwise, you can use a digital book mockup for your presentation (check the resources!)

When you're done, be sure to join and share your work with the Freelance & Design School community!