Two-Bite Blueberry

Design Challenge - Battle Of The Bands #1

Welcome to the Battle Of The Bands design challenge series!! It’s going to work like this… You’re given a fictional band name (any resemblance to actual bands unintentional!), and a starting ‘inspiration board’ to work from (below). You can take your cue from the inspiration board, or come up with your own vision.

Your challenge is to design SOMETHING for the band as you imagine their style to be! You can design poster, logos, t-shirts, album covers, totes, pins or badges, you name it! The idea is to get creative, challenge your skills, and have fun creating something that you love.

The Story

My partner and I discovered some fat blueberries in a corner of our grocery store. And I mean FAT, delicious, sweet blueberries. We buy containers of them whenever they’re available. A recent pack we opened had the mother of all blueberries in it. It was a… *drum-roll*… two-bite blueberry!

Where to start...

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a kind of ‘zombie-sugar-lady’ industrial pop vibe for this one. Have at it!


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