Wine Label Design

Mini Design Challenge

Create a series of wine labels, with the final designs mocked up on a photo-realistic background. Design a label for: a red wine, a white wine, and a rosé. The types of wine are up to you! You can choose to design labels for either an existing or fictional vineyard.

Where to start...

You can be really creative with this one! Research existing wine label designs, and think about how labels work together as part of a series.

Keep in mind...

Common information included on front labels include the company logo, the year of the vintage, the name of the wine, alcohol content, and liquid volume.


For presentation, you can use a professional paid template like the one linked in the ‘Resources’ section. (If you feel uncomfortable designing for alcoholic drinks, you may make them labels for non-alcoholic beverages. Alternative soda can mockups may be found in the ‘Resource’ section).

Or source a free one from sites such as Mockup World, or Graphic Burger.

I recommend you save your own library of high quality mockup images and templates, they really add professional polish to your portfolio!

When you're done, be sure to join and share your work with the Freelance & Design School community!